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BNRG Renewables completes 250kW rooftop Solar PV installation in UK

30 October 2015

Irish solar energy firm BNRG Renewables has completed construction of another successful Solar PV Project in the south of England – the 250kW Solar PV roof mounted installation at the Merston grain store.  Located in West Sussex on a highly efficient agricultural farm, which is part of a large agri-food business, Langmead Farms. This is the latest Solar PV project that BNRG Renewables has successfully commissioned in the UK.  Most of which have been larger scale ground-mounted projects, of up to 27MW in scale.  

In addition to providing reduction in carbon emissions, the project offsets large energy bills for Langmead Farms and provides a hedge against moving energy cost, with a known cost of energy into the future. 

The project will produce 258,867.5kWhs per year, removing 122 Tons of CO2 per year or the equivalent of planting 146.3 acres of forestry for 25 years.

CEO of BNRG Renewables David Maguire said, this project presented a challenge as machinery and equipment had recently been installed on the inside of the roof at the grain store and the whole project had to be carried out without interfering with ongoing farming processes in the new purpose built grain store.

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