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BNRG Renewables energises €25m worth of solar projects in the UK

Irish solar company BNRG Renewables has announced it has completed construction and is exporting electricity to the national grid on three utility sized solar PV parks in the United Kingdom, each of 5 Megawatts. The Company developed and constructed the projects Ferry Farm, Manor Farm and Lagness through a joint venture with the Langmead Group and will continue to own and operate projects.

In addition to providing carbon reduction to the tune of 8,000 tonnes per year, the 5 Megawatt projects on a cumulative 85 acres around West Sussex will together produce enough electricity to power over 5,000 homes annually for 30 years.

Conor Grogan, Project Manager at BNRG who was on site to see the first generation being exported on each of the projects described it as ‘a real milestone which took over 18 months to come to this stage’. Responsible for the co-ordination of the project through development and construction, Grogan went on to say that getting numerous and parallel projects to this stage is a testament to each team member at BNRG who developed a superb portfolio.

The main construction contractor was Solarcentury, a London based Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor specialising in solar PV projects. Solarcentury are a leading EPC Contractor in the UK and abroad, and worked very closely with the BNRG team to ensure that the portfolio was delivered to exacting standards. The 60,000 solar PV panels required for the projects were supplied by Tata, a preferred supplier to BNRG. The Company is one of Tata Solar’s largest international clients.

To date BNRG has developed and constructed solar farms with a combined value of over €200 million. They have completed fourteen utility scale solar projects in the UK since 2011, and expect to have two more 5 Megawatt projects constructed and energised by June 2016, one of which will be a community owned scheme.





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