Most farm production, forestry, tillage, and livestock, either directly or indirectly, relies on sunlight. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is another way to capture the sun’s energy to reap a valuable harvest.

By renting your land for the installation of a solar farm, you are guaranteed a reliable income over the course of 25 years which acts as effective hedge against variability in annual farm income and energy price.
In addition, solar farms can allow the land to rest and regenerate, enhancing biodiversity. This ensures the long-term viability of the farm. At the end of the solar lifecycle construction is 100% reversible and the land is restored to agricultural use often in better condition. During the lifetime of the solar farm, the land can simultaneously be used for range of profitable agricultural activities such as sheep gazing (particularly good fit for solar farm), bee-keeping and production of high valued crops that do not require large machinery such as pumpkins, asparagus and cut-flowers.

Solar farms have very low visual impact. The panels are only 2.5 m high, allowing them to be easily screened by existing or newly planted hedging. They do not move and are completely silent. They release no emissions into the air, soil or water.

This is opportunity to diversify your farming income while making genuine difference to local wildlife and helping country meet its target of electricity being generated by renewable energy and reducing consumption on conventional fuels and consequently minimising our carbon footprint.

Working with BNRG

BNRG team respects our landowners and their farming practices by working closely with them to ensure they benefit from development without any negative consequences to their day to day operations. We take great care to find suitable locations for our projects and we understand the importance of sound relationships with landowners and local communities.

Once suitable land is identified, we will then agree terms and sign a lease option with landowner with a view to establish 25 year lease.

There are following steps BNRG will work on:

– securing planning consent and grid connection
– funding, developing and constructing the project
– operating and managing the site

If you believe you have suitable land for potential solar farm please contact our land acquisition team at, by calling 01 791 7882 or use our online form below:

Solar Factsheets

Factsheets from the ISEA

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